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African Padauk is a one-of-a-kind exotic hardwood, exhibiting a vivid reddish-orange color that changes to a purplish-rose-colored hue with age and exposure. African Padauk is an excellent turning wood, responding well to a variety of woodworking lathe projects. This attractive wood has high strength properties, durability, and outstanding stability. The grain is straight to interlocked, texture coarse. The wood has a faint aromatic scent when freshly cut.


(H=12%) : 0,77


Moderately permeable


Padauk dries fairly rapidly and very well with a minimum of degradation. The movement is exceptionally small in service.


Moderately stable


Durable to very durable, Padauk’s Has excellent decay resistance.


Overall, despite being extremely heavy and dense, the wood is relatively easy to work. Sharp tools and slower feed rates ensure the best results when working with African Padauk. The wood takes a good finish, but sometimes with some tearing of interlocked grain. Slicing does not cause problems, and the wood holds nails and screws satisfactorily; however, pre-boring for screwing is advisable. The gluing properties are good.


  • Hydraulic works (seawater)
  • Industrial or heavy flooring
  • Flooring
  • Sliced veneer
  • Cabinetwork (high-class furniture)
  • Bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground)
  • Bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground)
  • Vehicle or container flooring
  • Heavy carpentry
  • Shipbuilding (ribs)
  • Shipbuilding (planking and deck)
  • Turned goods
  • Seats
  • Exterior joinery
  • Stairs (inside)
  • Interior joinery
  • Sculpture
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