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Azobe Wood

Other names
Bongossi, Ekki, Bonkole,
Akoga, Dwarf red ironwood,
red oak

Scientific Name
Lophira alata, Lophira procera



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Azobe is a coarse-textured wood with a very tight interlocked grain that not only The azobe is differentiated,

with thin sapwood (the outer part of the trunk is pink or brownish) and heartwood inner part of the trunk from

red-brown to purplish). It has a strong, coarse texture and its thick, frequently interlocked fibers characterize it

and stress its great strength making pressurized preservative treatment unnecessary and virtually impossible.

Azobe offers resistance to natural enemies of other woods.


(H=12%) : 1,05


Not permeable


The drying process is difficult and very slow but is not necessary for most uses


Poorly stable


Durable to very durable. The heartwood of the Azobe is durable even in a damp environment and it has a high resistance to shipworm


not easy to machine and only with carbon-steel tools or harder; good but hard to glue, especially with great lengths; good surface treatment possible. Azobe is a difficult wood to work, especially when it is dry. Hence, it should be converted before the wood has had a chance to dry. Nailing and screwing have to be done after pre- boring the holes. Azobe can be dressed to a smooth finish, and gluing properties are usually good.


  • Hydraulic works (freshwater)
  • Sleepers
  • Bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground)
  • Industrial or heavy flooring
  • Vehicle or container flooring
  • Stairs (inside)
  • Heavy carpentry
  • Bridges (parts not in contact with water or ground)
  • Glued laminated
  • Cooperage
  • Poles
  • Stakes
  • Bridges (parts in contact with water or ground)
  • Hydraulic works (seawater)
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